Wolfspeed Virtual Seminar 2022
DECEMBER 7, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM EST

Join Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Experts for our Virtual Seminar

Created with the design engineer in mind, Wolfspeed’s Virtual Seminar event will cover a variety of topics from capacitance ratios to selecting optimal topologies with SpeedFit.

Keynote: The Future of Silicon Carbide

Join Wolfspeed’s Guy Moxey as he discusses the future of power applications using Silicon Carbide technology advancements.

Silicon Carbide Packaging Techniques and Solutions

With recent advancements in Power Electronics and efforts to combat climate change, the emergence of wide bandgap semiconductors like Silicon Carbide (SiC) in power conversion has created unique opportunities for innovation in the field of semiconductor packaging. This session will focus on basic SiC packaging techniques and solutions for new challenges faced as we transition from packaging Silicon (Si) to packaging SiC.

Selecting the Optimal Topology and Device using SpeedFit

This session will provide an overview of the SpeedFit 2.0 online simulation tool, and how to use it to make design decisions. A practical design example of a 3.6kW AC-DC converter will be examined using SpeedFit to evaluate different topologies, test different SiC MOSFETs, and compare the efficiency, power loss, and junction temperature in each scenario. This allows the engineer to quickly make these design assessments and move into the design phase with confidence.

Examining Parasitic Turn On and Capacitance Ratios in Silicon Carbide

This session will walk through what the capacitance ratio of a SiC MOSFET is and why it is important to consider for fast switching applications when trying to avoid parasitic turn-on. The impact of other application parameters will also be discussed including device threshold voltage, gate resistance, and negative gate drive voltage.

SiC Fit and Value Advantage in Residential and Small Commercial Solar-Based ESS Systems

Solar systems from 5-15kW are growing in the residential and light commercial subsegments. Addition of energy storage to those systems is adding significant return on investment pushing the market forward. Technological advances in battery technology and cost arising from the EV boom is a key contributor as is a convergence with EV charging systems. As such, ESS battery voltages are going up making a better fit for SiC in the charger circuits to go along with a clear winning position for SiC Schottky diodes in the MPPT stage. In this session we will explore the topologies with a particular focus on single phase solutions which has historically been of less interest to us. I will cover the latest applications trends for the MPPT boost, DC/DC chargers and also discuss the options for SiC in inverters and the challenges of winning there.

Thermal Design Considerations for Silicon Carbide Devices and Modules

With a trend to push power levels, power density and efficiency higher in power electronic converters, the thermal design of the implemented power devices becomes a critical consideration. For discrete devices, surface mount power switches are gaining popularity due to their small form factor. Whereas for higher power systems, power modules with smaller footprints are being employed. With the aim to extract the best performance out of these devices, this seminar will discuss important and practical design considerations for the thermal design of both Wolfspeed’s Discrete Silicon Carbide bottom-side cooled device portfolio and higher power case-module platforms. Applications and Systems engineers from all industrial and automotive applications will take away a better understanding of thermal management for Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide devices.

Unlocking Higher Power Density Traction Inverters with Wolfspeed SiC Power Modules

This seminar is for engineers looking to integrate the latest generation silicon carbide (SiC) technology from Wolfspeed into a traction inverter for increased efficiency, higher power density, and longer lifetime.

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